Our in house and sophisticated turnkey surveillance system is the first of its type and capability in Australia. Microflite has developed this from the ground up with a Wescam MX-10 camera at its heart, and enhanced the manner in which it is operated to make it an efficient and effective airborne tool for so many applications.

Observe, Record, Protect

  • Sophisticated mapping software combines with GPS and laser technology to provide you with precise location data. Identify features, create reports and network in real time to provide live data to ground crew.

  • The infrared camera has the astounding ability to reveal detail of fire fronts through smoke, identify moving objects day and night and reveal environmental risks invisible to the naked eye.

  • The amazing capabilities of the high definition colour camera and continuous zoom lens provide the perfect platform to monitor, predict and analyse developing situations in sensitive and volatile applications.

  • Microflite integrate aircraft, crew, camera turret, mapping and accurate location data to provide the perfect turnkey intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance system.