Our Safety, Community and Environmental Responsibility

Microflite Helicopter Services appreciate the relationship we have built with the people of Melbourne and wider Victoria, and take our responsibilities to the community seriously.

Commitment to Safety


Microflite Helicopter Services take the safety of our aircraft and passengers extremely seriously and are very proud of our accident free record. Our fleet of modern, high performance aircraft has been selected for reliability and excellent safety records and includes the latest technologies and safety features. All of our aircraft feature the following advanced technologies to improve safety: VEMD (Vehicle and Engine Multifunction Display), TCAS (Traffic and Collision Avoidance System), real time aircraft satellite tracking (Spidertracks), and energy absorbing seats. These features combine to improve pilot workload, increase situational awareness and provide high levels of safety in all of our operations. Oversight of our experienced and professional pilots is provided by our Chief Pilot and dedicated Safety Manager.


In order to ensure our helicopters are in the finest condition at all times, our in-house Maintenance department conducts all work on our aircraft. Our qualified and experienced engineers ensure our helicopters are in impeccable mechanical condition and kept up to date with all applicable airworthiness changes. With experienced engineers, quality components and our sophisticated electronic tracking system we are confident that our aircraft are in premium condition at all times.

Microflite delivers first-class service at all times. Part of our strategy to ensure exceptional safety is to only use modern, reliable aircraft incorporating the latest in aviation technology. You can see how new our aircraft are – this image is of one of our helicopters being assembled for the very first time. It hadn’t even been painted when this recent photo was taken, but now proudly wears our iconic red and gold.

We are sure that the services we provide are conducted to industry best practice and represent the highest levels of safety and service in Victoria.


Community Involvement

Microflite enjoy being actively involved in the community and take pride in trying to make a positive difference to the lives of people in need. Not only are we involved in high profile public service such as protecting the lives and property of Victorians through our fire fighting and Surf Life Saving activities, we also contribute to a number of worthy charities. These include the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation, Epworth Medical Foundation, Windermere Foundation, St Georges Hospital, The Leukemia Foundation of Australia and various locally based grass roots fund raising events.


Helicopter Noise

Our low noise tourist helicopters operated from our Batman Park located Melbourne City Helipad for over 10 years without incident or noise complaint. We are very appreciative of our relationship with the businesses and residents of Melbourne and have taken extreme care to show consideration to stakeholders in all locations. We develop and maintain ‘Fly neighbourly’ policies in all noise sensitive areas, restrict our hours of operation and minimise helicopter movements to operational necessity. Microflite have intentionally purchased modern helicopters with the latest in specially designed low-noise features in consideration of our community responsibility. Please click here to compare the noise signatures of our technologically advanced tourism EC120 and EC130 helicopters with other commonly used helicopter types.


Red Helicopters going Green

Our fleet have been selected for efficient flight performance, excellent aerodynamic properties, and long component lifespans. Components on these aircraft are designed to be overhauled, rather than replaced whenever possible.

The modern engines used in our aircraft have been designed with low fuel consumption in mind.  This reduces the aircraft impact on the environment for both noise impact and carbon emissions.

In other aspects Microflite Helicopter Services is conscious of our potential impact on the environment. We have implemented a recycling policy in our office, have installed two 27,000L water tanks, and renovated our office to a 5 star energy rating.

Our aircraft are washed in rain water and with biodegradable soaps, and we take precautions to ensure that no run-off enters storm water drains.

Any chemicals are mixed in designated areas and are disposed with in accordance with the Material Safety Data Sheets.

Our pilots are trained to consider the impact movements of helicopters may have on the local environment, including noise, dust and interference with wildlife.

Microflite seeks to identify our environmental impact and any potential risks at all locations from which we operate, and implement control measures for any potential hazards.